Machine shop fundamentals training

Machine Shop Fundamentals Training

Hallowing out of the manufacturing jobs in the United States has left a skilled labor shortage.  Additionally, the lower prestige of manufacturing jobs causes many young people to seek other occupations.  The strong economy squeezes the labor market.  Many other factors constrict the pool of great candidates for many manufacturing jobs.  Employers limited options present […]

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New customer

New Customer On-boarding for Manufacturing Suppliers

The process of bringing a new customer on-board at a manufacturing supplier can be difficult.  As a company, you have won the business.  Often this involves answering the request for proposal.  Sometimes it involves completing an on-site survey with the potential customer.  Now comes the time to produce!  The purchase order defines the requirements that […]

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Meeting Financial Objectives

Financial Objectives and Approaches for Stability

Since marrying my wife more than fifteen years ago, we share the same thoughts on money and financial matters.  Even though we divided the work and roles both of us think similarly.  She saves nearly half of my income.  I take a portion of that savings for investments.  Together we build our future through those […]

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529 Account

529 Account Provides the Best Education Account

Years ago, we started saving for two children to go to college.  After listening to several people complain about the cost of tuition, we decided to save for it.  We looked through all sorts of accounts.  We found a 529 account which is the best type of account for education savings. Other Types of College […]

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Saving tips for college students

The 13 easy money saving tips for college students.

Hi there! How’s life going? Are you aware of what’s going on in the NBA? Zion Williamson’s knee injury is indeed a big jolt for New Orleans Pelicans! That’s unfortunate. But what to do! This is our uncertain life! That’s why I always advise everyone, especially college students, to take care of their money. If […]

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