Case for Community College

Case for Community College to Save Money

With a master’s and two bachelor’s, education has become an expensive hobby.  In addition to a couple universities, I’ve also been through a couple military trade schools.  All told there are 25 years wrapped up in my head through various academic adventures.  With that background, I would like to make a case for community college. […]

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Root Cause and Corrective Action

Root Cause and Corrective Action for the New Guy

During a recent transition, I received the daunting task of finding Root Cause and Corrective Action in a machine shop. I was unfamiliar with manufacturing machined details. I previously worked with manufacturing assemblies and installations. Detail machining was completely new to me and so were the terms and processes. In the Beginning My first goal […]

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Pay the Mortgage Early

Pay the Mortgage Early and Make It a Game

Years ago, my wife and I were faced with a young family, an average paycheck and a 30-year mortgage.  As a spender, a 30-year mortgage didn’t concern me one bit.  As a saver, my wife saw the mortgage as an obstacle to building a significant emergency fund.  Every month just under $1000 went to Wells […]

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Jammie Reynolds risk management was quite different than most.

Risk Management and the 9 Key Concepts

In their middle 50s the contrast between Dennis and Joe could not be more distinct even though they work together.  Dennis has remained in relatively good shape and has been frugal for many years and takes few personal risks. Joe lives by the philosophy “you only live once” and despite a good income saved very […]

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Welcome to ThriveOn35K!

This has been a couple years in the making, and hopefully the information will benefit you and your family.  We hope to provide practical information for you and your family to not just get by but truly ThriveOn35K! For the last seven years, we have been able to live on half my income without sacrificing […]

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