New customer

New Customer On-boarding for Manufacturing Suppliers

The process of bringing a new customer on-board at a manufacturing supplier can be difficult.  As a company, you have won the business.  Often this involves answering the request for proposal.  Sometimes it involves completing an on-site survey with the potential customer.  Now comes the time to produce!  The purchase order defines the requirements that […]

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Manufacturing Advancements and the Benefit to Aviation

Since the beginning of World War II, there have been relatively few changes to manufacturing within the United States and throughout the world.  While several managerial techniques have been applied to manufacturing, the methods to produce details have been stable.  Beginning with a large billet of raw material, the process of removing material until the […]

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Decide Boldly To Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis and 3 Ways to Avoid It

As an analyst details matter.  Accurately reflecting reality through numbers, charts and visuals becomes a passion.  As an engineer details matter.  Designing a system or method to improve the manufacturing or reduce the variation of a product becomes the goal.  Details are vital to both endeavors.  When dealing extensively with details, the strong nagging question […]

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