Personal Gaols

Personal Goals Statement After 10 Years

I happened upon a personal goals statement used for my MBA application. It is amazing how time and life moves and adjusts to the curves, detours, road blocks and potholes. I hope you enjoy the read!

Past Performance and Trajectory

When looking at any predictions, we include the caveat “past performance does not guarantee future success” although they are generally close. As I have prepared for the future, it is instructive to look at my past to determine a trajectory or even a general trend. 

Academics and the Navy

As a junior in high school, I enlisted in the navy to become an avionics technician under the delayed entry program in order to go to college. While in the navy, I achieved the highest rank possible in four years, and then separated to start college at Kansas State University. At KSU, I was able to graduate after seven semesters while working nights for KSU housing and teaching recitations for Cultural Anthropology. Afterwards, I received a commission through Officer Candidate School in the navy.  I went through a Reduction in Force. 

Into the Great Wide Open

I was faced with my first major unknown!  As the time got closer, I began homing in on Wichita and Cessna specifically. After two months, I was employed for Cessna working as an avionics technician, which brings us to the present. Currently I am working for one of the largest manufacturing companies in Wichita involved in an industry that I enjoy. Unfortunately, all my experience has been with aircraft and not business or manufacturing. I intend to progress quickly at first and have made some inroads toward management as a front-line supervisor. 

Academics Part Two

Since I earned a BS of Anthropology from KSU, taking an additional bachelor’s degree would be inappropriate.  The master’s program does have an emphasis in Operations Management, which would coincide with my immediate and long-range goals within the company. I plan to become a production foreman to learn the operations and people skills required to effectively manage. 

Recent Experience

After gaining that experience and earning a Master of Business Administration from Wichita State University, I will become a Production Manager. The increased personal gain from getting an advanced degree will also be a direct gain for Wichita because I and my family intend to remain here. The future looks optimistic and the opportunities are available.

Personal Goals

If the personal goals are direct, that comes from most of my decisions being formulaic. Nothing that I have done is entirely unique to me.  When I set my personal goals, they will get accomplished. In addition to completing established goals, I am not arrogant and seldom mention those previous accomplishments in total because it would rarely be appropriate. Those accomplishments do not come from natural ability alone, but they come from extremely hard work, priorities, and a desire to achieve. 

Let’s Hear Your Story

Thank you for the time you took to read my goals.  I look forward to what the next step has in store.  I also look forward to hearing your story.  Leave a comment with your goals or history.