Welcome to ThriveOn35K!

This has been a couple years in the making, and hopefully the information will benefit you and your family.  We hope to provide practical information for you and your family to not just get by but truly ThriveOn35K!

For the last seven years, we have been able to live on half my income without sacrificing many modern comforts.  This approach did not start out as a defined goal or some overarching philosophy but a long series of daily and yearly decisions.  Those decisions worked into a stable, efficient budget.

The beauty of this approach has been living debt free without the draconian measures demonstrated elsewhere.  We do not prescribe to unreasonably sacrificing in food, consumer goods, discretionary spending, insurance, leisure or entertainment.  We do prescribe to examining those decisions to make the best decision.  An additional benefit is knowing the decision is great in both the short term and long term.

Why That Name?

Simply put the median household income is $57K, and this provides a cushion for paying off debt, investing or saving for a rainy day.  At this level of spending, you will be able to protect yourself from the emergencies that are bound to come.  If you are at or close to the median household income you will be able to dedicate about a third of your income to long-term goals.  ThriveOn35K means our financial life is in order and that allows us to focus on the other areas that make a rich and vibrant life.

Median Household Income US Census Bureau

What to Expect?

In an effort to provide relevant, high-quality content, we will offer real examples with research to help you learn more.  The background information is such an important part learning how to make great decisions.  While personal finance is the primary content, ThriveOn35K realizes personal finance is related to several other aspects of daily life.  The freedom that comes from properly orienting our financial life has provided ways to focus our family life, spiritual life, physical life and intellectual life.

Hopefully, this will be a unique perspective on properly orienting your financial life.  The fundamentals are consistent throughout the personal financial market.  The way those fundamentals are blended together through everyday life in ways that speak to you hopefully are unique.

Once Again Welcome To ThriveOn35K!